Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital births March-September

At Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital

In Ellsworth

To Sadie Poland of Little Deer Isle, a son, Elwynn Avis Ramsdell, March 1.

To Natalie Young and Michael Roman of Hampden, a daughter, Violet Raye, March 5.

To Vanessa and Matthew Carter of Sedgwick, a son, Theodore George, March 10.

To Miranda Berry and Jacob Young of Ellsworth, a daughter, Aaliyah Grace, March 17.

To Kendra Christin and Jeremy Hendrickson of Hancock, a daughter, Esmé Jane, March 18.

To Desarae Kashulines and Devan Birmingham, no town listed, a son, Odin Lewis, March 24.

To Sarah Knight and Eric Butler of Franklin, a son, Jackson Paul, March 25.

To Nichole Johnson and Travis Higgins of Blue Hill, a son, Jameson Curtis, March 26.

To Nicole Higgins and Chase Bickford of Ellsworth, a daughter, Maci Marie, March 30.

To Taneisha Faulkingham and Calob Chipman of Gouldsboro, a son, Levi Jon, March 30.

To Sasha Moulton and Jonathan Wood of Winter Harbor, a son, Josiah Stone, March 31.

To Kayla Crockett and Cody McGoyne of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Ariel Ann, April 3.

To Ashley and Timothy Newman of Otis, a son, Waylon Troy, April 3.

To Elena Soto and Lucas Socobasin of Ellsworth, a son, Lucas Anthony, April 4.

To Kaitlin Fullan and David Contreras of Sullivan, a daughter, Dahlia Rayne, April 4.

To Candice and Cody White of Franklin, a son, Baylor William, April 10.

To Hannah and Dustyn Bates of Blue Hill, a daughter, Helena Lynn, April 13.

To Kelly Skillings and Michael Daniel of Gouldsboro, a son, Deegan Robert Daniel, April 13.

To Morgan and Benjamin Freedman of Brooksville, a son, Waylon Thomas, April 14.

To Stephanie Aquilina and Isaac Chittenden of Blue Hill, a daughter, Leila Marie, April 16.

To Kaylie Rosborough and Ian Crossman of Ellsworth, a daughter, Sadie June, April 19.

To Anne and James Polk of Gouldsboro, two sons, Carlton Maxwell and Warren James, April 24.

To Jennifer and Gerry Gross of Orland, a son, Walker Preston, April 26.

To Hayley Fenton and Peter Belinsky of Ellsworth, a son, Elijah Iver, April 26.

To Elizabeth and Michael Gillins of Hancock, a daughter, Bridget Elaine, May 1.

To Marion and Joseph Smith of Steuben, a son, Job Ty, May 1.

To Savanna Adams and Alexander Davis of Prospect Harbor, a daughter, Lyla Mae, May 6.

To Kelsey Maguire and Dana Jackson of Bucksport, a son, Kahlin Scott, May 6.

To Erin Rhoda and Matthew Stone of Bangor, a daughter, Sonia Josephine, May 10.

To Karlena Sanborn and Jason McMillan of Lamoine, a daughter, Rose Brooke, May 10.

To Tiffany Pomeroy and Erik Edwards of Addison, a son, Elie Asher, May 14.

To Kaitlyn Britt of Ellsworth, a son, Ellis-John Walter, May 17.

To Katie and David McManus of Stonington, a daughter, Mackenzie Belle, May 18.

To Adrianna and Matthew Murphy of Lamoine, a daughter, Madison Jean, May 18.

To Danielle and Austin Reynolds of Columbia Falls, a son, Kayden Anthony, May 20.

To Brittany Pomeroy and Zachary Young-Johnston of Ellsworth, a son, Malachi Allen Ray, May 26.

To Tiana Mitton and Matt Curtis of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Ava May, May 25.

To Nausicaa Renner and Jonah Furman of Ellsworth, a son, Joseph Menashe, May 28.

To Julia Montague and Justin Brooks of Ellsworth, a daughter, Bella Alice, May 29.

To Deborah Grindle and Aron Rowe of Bucksport, a son, Chandler Mycal, June 2.

To Breianna Gardner and Khemani Peasley of Blue Hill, a daughter, Maleia Louise Alexandria, June 8.

To Skylar Robinson and Nehemiah Parkin of Gouldsboro, a daughter, Adelyn Mae, June 23.

To Ann Hickey and Samuel Miller-Little of Blue Hill, a son, James Michael, June 25.

To Johanna and Andres Valenzuela of Ellsworth, a son, Alexander Augustus, June 27.

To Mia Rose Bowden and Matthew Gagnon of Franklin, a daughter, Monroe Rose, July 2.

To Sonja Allen and Stephen Hammett of Brooklin, a daughter, Ellie Rose, July 8.

To Alissa Wilbur and Chris Haynes of Franklin, a daughter, Amaya Audrey Elizabeth, July 10.

To Annickia Pike and Austin Michaud-Kidder of Ellsworth, a daughter, Astrid Octavia, July 15.

To Hannah Buzzell and Derek Potter of Ellsworth, a daughter, Ellie Mae, July 16.

To Julie and Collin Ciomei of Brooklin, a son, Cooper Ross, July 17.

To Whitney Thurston and Travis Reiley of Brooklin, a daughter, Alice Yvonne, and a son, Colm Amos, July 17.

To Landere Naisbitt and Adam Chittenden of Blue Hill, a son, Sylvan Falls, July 19.

To Anastassia Adams and Kyle Waters of Castine, a daughter, Sawyer, July 27.

To Cassandra Rier and Joseph Reed of Lubec, a son, Kai Michael Silva, Aug. 2.

To Sierra Phillips and Hunter Smith of Southwest Harbor, a daughter, Raven Elise, Aug. 2.

To Mary and John Morse of Ellsworth, daughters, Natalie Morgan and Zoey Alice, Aug. 3.

To Saysha and Daniel Stewart of Ellsworth, a daughter, Lenora Jane, Aug. 5.

To Frances and Cote Hadlock of Otis, a son, Reed Adrian, Aug. 5.

To Vanessa Grey and Derek DeRaps of Ellsworth, a son, Theodore Hazen, Aug. 5.

To Ashley Fenwick and Pascual Serrano of Deer Isle, a son, Christian William, Aug. 10.

To Katherine Tomkins and Frederic Vionett of Sargentville, a daughter, Nina Camille, Aug. 19.

To Joseph and Khristi McDonald of Jonesport, a daughter, Emberlyn Claire, Aug. 23.

To Chelsea and Patrick Thibodeau of Machias, a daughter, Cambria Aurelia, Aug. 23.

To Reyna Perez-Quiles and Marshal Sargent of Ellsworth, a son, Jensen Troy, Aug. 25.

To Tiffany Tupper and Vernon Shay III of Sullivan, a daughter, Bonny Elizabeth, Aug. 26.

To Olivia Brown and Tyler Snow of Penobscot, a daughter, Jensyn Michelle, Aug. 27.

To Stephanie and Ross Caron of Brooks, a son, Jon Austin Roger, Aug. 30.

To MaryKate and Steven Knowles of Orono, a son, Finnegan Alexander, Sept. 2.

To Hannah and Kyle Whitmore of Clifton, a daughter, Zoey Eloise, Sept. 6.

To Kristen and Mark Webber of Ellsworth, a son, Jasper Charles, Sept. 6.

To Sophie and Cory Webb of Deer Isle, a daughter, Emma Louise, Sept. 14.

To Maricela Albor and Salvador Zamora of Harrington, a son, Angel Zamora, Sept. 15.

To Meagan Jordan and Scott Haslam of Eastbrook, a son, Timothy Zane, Sept. 15.

To Melody and Mason Johnson of Birch Harbor, a daughter, Savannah Grace, Sept. 21.

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