News faces in the classrooms

Schools in the Mount Desert Island Regional School System has 40 new teachers, administrators and staff members this year.

Some of them, such as Mike Zboray, are not actually new to the school system, but are moving to new positions. Zboray was assistant principal at Conners Emerson Elementary in Bar Harbor for 14 years; now he is the principal at Trenton Elementary.

The school year began Aug. 28, for high school freshmen. Classes started for all students Tuesday, Sept. 2.

New teachers, administrators and staff members include:

Mariah Baker, 4th grade teacher, Conners Emerson

Ralph Battaline, ed tech, Tremont

Katie Bears, 2nd grade teacher, Pemetic

Jonathan Bender, math teacher, Mount Desert

Kristen Braun, special ed teacher, Trenton

Brooke Burton-Gariepy, math teacher, MDI High

Patrick Bush, ed tech, Trenton

Greg Corrow, custodian, MDI High

Joe Cough, music teacher, Swans Island

Emily Damon, cook, Mount Desert

Mary deKoning, music teacher, Trenton

Gloria Delsandro, assistant principal, Conners Emerson

Autumn Demaine, library ed tech, Trenton

Chelsea Dow, ed tech, MDI High

Katherine Dow, special ed tech, Trenton

Cathe Gage, reading recovery teacher, Tremont

Daniel Horning, social studies and English teacher, Tremont

Shannon Horton, world languages teacher, Trenton

Priscilla Joyce, secretary, Pemetic

Jan Keiper, teacher, Frenchboro

Joyce Mahoney, library ed tech, MDI High

Chris McGuire, ed tech, Conners Emerson

Sally Merchant, special ed tech, MDI High

Kendra Michaud, science teacher, MDI High

Justin Norwood, PE teacher, Mount Desert

Natalia Pajor, ed tech, Tremont

Abbie Pappas, ed tech, Conners Emerson

Lacey Schlag, middle school teacher, Swans Island

Maria Simpson, middle school English teacher, Conners Emerson

Shannon Snurkowski, 1st grade teacher, Pemetic

Marianne Tripp, 3rd grade teacher, Conners Emerson

Jandrea True, 4th grade teacher, Tremont

Joshua Young, ed tech coordinator, superintendent’s office

Molly Young, 1st grade teacher, Pemetic

Mike Zboray, principal, Trenton

David Blaney, math teacher, MDI High School

Shane Ellis, music teacher, Conners Emerson

Kim Heist, reading enrichment teacher, Conners Emerson

Alex Johnson, PE teacher, Trenton and Ashley Bryan School

Sue Peterson, ed tech, Pemetic

Dick Broom

Reporter at Mount Desert Islander
Dick Broom covers the towns of Mount Desert and Southwest Harbor, Mount Desert Island High School and the school system board and superintendent's office. He enjoys hiking with his golden retriever and finding new places for her to swim. [email protected]