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New Wastewater Treatment Plant More than a Third Done

Cyndi Wood
Workers consult at the site of Ellsworth’s future wastewater treatment plant on Bayside Road Monday afternoon. Construction will be substantially completed next fall.

ELLSWORTH — The City Council Monday night accepted a $342,280 bid for the installation of piping and equipment that will disperse treated water from the city’s new wastewater treatment plant into the Union River.

R.F. Jordan & Sons was the low bidder for the outfall project, which is the fourth and final phase of the $20.7-million wastewater treatment plant.

The third phase of the project, construction of the plant on Tinker Hill off Bayside Road, began in February and is now about 41 percent complete.

“All the foundations, all the tanks are in place,” said Wendell Harvey, project foreman for contractor Penta Corp.

Harvey said about a third of the masonry has also been completed and that crews will enclose buildings in time for winter.

About 6,000 yards of ledge was removed to install the tanks, which will eventually be mostly underground.

A new pump station is being built in front of the existing wastewater treatment plant on Water Street.

The existing plant is outdated, often odorous and at maximum capacity. At times the plant overflows when it rains, causing untreated sewage to enter the river.

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Cyndi Wood

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