New Store Is Not Too Close To Road

SOUTHWEST HARBOR — Whether the McEachern and Hutchins Hardware store now under construction at the corner of Main Street and the Clark Point Road is encroaching on a Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) right-of-way is a moot point. State officials said they are not going to investigate the matter further.

“We don’t have any evidence that the building is any closer to the road than it was,” said Terry Hannan, regional engineer for the MDOT.

Last week, Southwest Harbor code enforcement officer Don Lagrange said he was notified by the MDOT that the Main Street exterior wall was six to eight inches into the MDOT right-of-way. Main Street in Southwest Harbor is Route 102, a state highway.

In making his decision, Mr. Hannan said he compared satellite images of the old store with the location of the new store.

If the building were found to be in the MDOT right-of-way, the building would either have to be moved or the owner, Les McEachern, would have to obtain a waiver from the MDOT.

Mr. McEachern said a proper survey was done before construction began and maintains the new building is on the same footprint as the old.

The old McEachern and Hutchins building was demolished in November to make way for an 8,100-square-foot store at the same location. The building is expected to open in five to six weeks, Mr. McEachern said.

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Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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