Balance and flexibility are crucial in executing a tight step-up on the inflatable half dome. UBE trainer Ursula Gammelin shows her class how it’s done. Ellsworth American Photos by Stephen Fay

New fitness training center offers strength classes, physical therapy

ELLSWORTH — There’s a new gym in town. Also, a new physical therapy site. Plus a team training, personal training and a sports training center — all under one roof.

UBE Physical Therapy and Performance has just opened its doors at 14 Mariaville Road (also known as Vittum Road).

Spacious, clean, well-equipped and well-staffed, the UBE performance complex is designed to provide athletes of all ages, ability and experience with a comprehensive training experience.

Gym owner Will Taylor (standing, left) checks in on a group class being led Monday evening by Ursula Gammelin (standing, right).

The facility is equipped with an impressive array of racks, weights, sleds and mobility and stability equipment, including functional trainers, kettlebells, dumbbells, barbells and turf fields.

Partners Will Taylor and “Cat” Kenney own UBE, which takes its name from the nickname of Will’s 8-year-old son. UBE’s additional message, Taylor said, is about what “you” can “be” if you pursue your ambition. The gym’s athletic training is grounded in the concept of “complete body integration” — which is pretty much what it sounds like. A typical group class starts off with four rounds of back-and-forth runs (including “butt kicks,” high knees and side shuffles), deep knee bends and medicine ball slams before going forward with pullups, pushups, balance work, core training and stretches. Members can choose from a menu of exertions from not-so-hard to intense. Individual goals are the “number one focus,” according to UBE.

The gym is open Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 8 p.m. and weekends by appointment.

The services at UBE include physical therapy, sports-specific training, personal training, strength and conditioning, gym memberships, corporate fitness and mobile units. Team clients now include the Husson University men’s basketball team and women’s soccer team.

UBE’s physical therapy clinic specializes in sport-specific injuries and working with in-house trainers to get patients back to normal. UBE also works with patients suffering from back pain, employees returning to work post-injury, post-operative patients needing to regain strength and mobility, accident victims and clients with muscular or joint issues due to pregnancy. Individualized treatment plans, based on a client’s needs and goals, employ specialized techniques such as spinal decompression and joint mobilization, dry needling for chronic muscle pain and movement dysfunction and a “hands-on” approach using manual therapy to address movement dysfunction. UBE’s physical therapists also utilize cupping therapy for stimulating blood flow and loosening fascia for a speedy recovery.

The different membership options include access to the gym equipment with optional coach-led, complete body integration classes. Discounts are accorded to military and civil service personnel and students. For information about class schedules and the different membership levels and rates, check out or call 992-4000.

UBE has a second physical therapy clinic location at 175 Union St., Suite A in Bangor.

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