New cafe opens in Sullivan

SULLIVAN — This month, possibly this week, a new cafe will be opening its doors to the Sullivan community, serving coffee, baked goods and a variety of other eats and treats.

The Honeybee Cafe on Route 1 will open in the building that houses The Swan Agency, which recently purchased the property. Up until 2020, the building was the home of Chester Pike’s Galley, which closed that year.

The building had been lacking a food vendor since Chester Pike’s closing. The Swan Agency now has its Sullivan offices in one half of the building, but the former Chester Pike’s Galley space still needed a tenant.

“They were looking for a bakery and coffee shop to come in here and it just kind of fell into our lap, I guess,” said cafe owner Lexus Howland, who was happy to take over the old restaurant location.

“I’ve been baking out of my house for a couple of years just for friends and family,” said Howland. “I was ready to do something different in terms of trying something new.”

The cafe’s drink menu will focus on coffee, cold brew and specialty drinks, as well as Red Bull infusions, which are made from Red Bull mixed with ice and flavored syrups.

“It’s kind of just like a bougie energy drink,” Howland said. “We’ve probably got 20 different syrups to make Red Bull infusions with.”

The cafe also offers a range of meals on its menu, which focuses on traditional coffee shop items such as baked goods, panini sandwiches, bagels and pancakes.

In addition to these items, the cafe offers some alternative meals that might not be found at other coffee shops.

“We do vegetarian food here,” said Howland, who has different kinds of salads on the menu of her cafe.

In addition to general everyday menu items, the cafe has specials that change throughout the week, one of which the owner is very enthusiastic about.

“An exciting thing we have is coffee flights,” said Howland, “which is four different specialty flavors of coffee, so we’re pretty excited about that.”

Coffee flavors will be in abundance here, as the cafe has many types of coffee syrups in stock for making specialty flavors.

“We also probably have around 20 different flavored coffee syrups,” Howland said.

Having a cafe in this area will be helpful and convenient to those living in Sullivan, as well as those who drive through, as there has been nothing of the sort here since the closing of Chester Pike’s Galley two years ago.

“We’ll be the only spot from Milbridge to Ellsworth that serves specialty coffees, Red Bull infusions and baked goods for morning commutes,” said Howland, encouraging those in the area to make the Honeybee Cafe a regular stop on their way to work.

If everything goes to plan, the cafe should ideally be open this coming weekend. The tentative opening date is this Saturday, June 18.

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