Coralee Dewey (left) and Scarlet Ramsdell at Dewey’s Hair Design and Day Spa in Franklin.

Neighborhood oasis: New salon and day spa gaining traction

FRANKLINDewey’s Hair Design and Day Spa is bringing a variety of beauty and wellness treatments to Franklin. Opened in July by Coralee Dewey and Scarlet Ramsdell, the salon and day spa offers a range of hair cutting, styling and coloring services, as well as skincare, massages and other spa services.

“I don’t know if there’s ever been a day spa in Franklin,” said Dewey.

Dewey and Ramsdell each focus on a different aspect of beauty care at their business, with Dewey being an experienced cosmetologist and hairdresser, and Ramsdell having an extensive background in massage therapy and skin treatments.

“She’s [Dewey], you know, a cosmetologist and I’m a massage therapist and esthetician, so together we’re a day spa,” said Ramsdell of her and her business partner’s areas of expertise.

Hair coloring is one of Dewey’s specialty services that are a favorite with her hair clients.

“For me it’s pretty much color,” Dewey said. “The color line that I use I know very well.”

Although it is not her most requested service at the salon, Dewey offers men’s cuts as well, and even has a barber pole outside the salon to let men in the area know that they are welcome to get cuts as well.

“I do men’s cuts as well,” said Dewey. “That’s why I put the barber pole out there. Am I a barber? No, I’m a cosmetologist, but I know how to do barber cuts.”

Dewey has had a lot of background and expertise in hair care before her career brought to the point of opening this new salon. In addition to working as a cosmetologist, she has also taught cosmetology.

“I’ve been doing hair for 22 years,” Dewey said. “I also went back to school and got my instructor’s license.”

Ramsdell has an extensive background as well, which has long been focused on athletic treatments before her transition to beauty and wellness.

“I’ve done massage for 20 years, and I’ve worked in and out of CrossFit gyms and worked with like YMCA coaches, their athletic directors,” Ramsdell said. “I went to esthetics school five years ago to incorporate some good skincare.”

Ramsdell said her background in sports massaging is good for business because massages are often a seasonal service used by summer residents and vacationers. In the offseason, more of her clients are those with sports injuries.

“I know all the coaches in the area, and physical therapists and chiropractors … they do recommend me for sports injuries,” said Ramsdell. “I do appreciate those referrals a lot because sometimes I’m depending on them, you know, because massage is seasonal.”

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