“Miracle” goose greets customers at Downeast Coal & Stove

Step into Downeast Coal & Stove and you most likely will meet Karl. The young American buff goose as well as a mastiff named Brutus and a boxer called T-bone are the official greeters at the garden/farm/feed supply enterprise on Route 1 in Gouldsboro. The gander, in fact, does such a good job that customers suggested he have his own Facebook page (Karl The Miracle Goose).

On May 25, Karl’s mom was discovered to have left her nest after all but one of her 13 eggs had hatched. A tiny orange beak was seen moving inside the remaining, stone-cold egg.

At her mother-in-law Sondra’s urging, co-business owner Sarena Chaploney nestled the egg and a warm rice bag under her sweatshirt. The gosling began peeping and emerged from the eggshell three hours later on the store counter.

These days, Karl plods proprietarily around the store and yard. He nuzzles, runs with the dogs and undoes a shoelace or two, but the gander never nips or hisses unless it’s another goose encroaching on his pool.

“I am not sure he knows if he is a dog or human,” Sarena mused. “He’s definitely not a goose.”

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