Lamoine Consolidated School staff dressed up in costume Monday to deliver remote learning supplies and good cheer to students at home. PHOTO COURTESY OF MIRAND ENGSTROM

Magic school bus rolls through Lamoine

LAMOINE — A home-grown magic school bus rolled through Lamoine Monday, as Consolidated School staff wearing costumes delivered learning tools, care packages and personal belongings to students stuck at home.

“It took a lot of teamwork, collaboration and creative thinking to make our own version of the magic school bus come to life and deliver smiles, songs and laughter the whole way,” said Miranda Engstrom, a reading recovery and Title I instructor at the school. “It was a fun way to let our students know we love them and we can’t wait to see them when we return.”

School staff learned last Friday that the school would be joining those closing locally and in locations throughout the world to combat the spread of the coronavirus. They worked through the weekend to assemble remote learning tools and pack up student belongings. Originally, the school had planned to be open on Monday before shutting down. Staff had organized a fun day for students, many of whom may be feeling scared or confused by current events. Plans changed after Governor Janet Mills declared a state of civil emergency and urged Maine schools to shut down as soon as practical.

“On Monday, after collecting all the learning tools, care packages and personal belongings, we arranged for our bus drivers to drive available school staff to drop off these goodies to our kids and their families,” Engstrom said.

“This was an awesome team effort supported by everyone, even people that couldn’t be there in person to deliver,” she added. “We’re a family and that’s what we do.”

Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

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