Lubec project receives federal grant

LUBEC — The town of Lubec will receive a $19.6-million federal grant to build a safe harbor.

The project is designed to protect a mooring field that would include a boat launch, harbor, and wharf. The project would allow 30 boats to tie up and would protect boats and fishermen in inclement weather.

The project also would include a two-way road to the end of the pier, with two hoists for fishermen to get their product to market safely and quickly.

The Lubec project is one of two projects in Maine selected for the BUILD, or the Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development, program. The other is $25 million toward a $30-million bridge replacement in Woolwich.

“The new Safe Harbor in Lubec will significantly improve safety for fishermen,” said Sen. Susan Collins, who chairs the Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee. “A year-round safe harbor for fishermen and the Maine Marine Patrol is essential for a local economy that relies on the fishing industry.”

This year, the Department of Transportation received 666 eligible BUILD applications requesting more than $9.6 billion in funding. Maine’s projects were two of only 55 applications that were funded.

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