Live Lobster-Bumble Bee Real Estate Closing Official

GOULDSBORO — Bumble Bee Foods LLC has announced that Live Lobster Co. Inc. now officially owns the former Stinson Seafood plant in the village of Prospect Harbor.


In a statement issued March 2, Bumble Bee CEO Chris Lischewski said:

“This brings to a conclusion our part in the efforts to transition the plant to a new owner-operator and to help create new opportunities for the people and community of Prospect Harbor, Maine. We wish Live Lobster Co. and the community of Prospect Harbor every success.”

Bumble Bee closed the sardine cannery in April 2010, leaving 128 people without jobs.

The new owner, Antonio Bussone, president of Live Lobster, said he will begin buying and selling lobsters and bait immediately and is hoping to begin processing lobsters this summer.


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