Lamoine considers appointing assessor

LAMOINE — The town will hold a referendum on disbanding the elected Board of Assessors and moving to an appointed position for the town assessor.

“The assessors have talked about disbanding the elected board,” said Administrative Assistant to the Select Board Stu Marckoon.

As it is currently run, being on the Board of Assessors is a demanding job with very little financial compensation. The current board members are often elected year after year, even when they no longer want to serve.

Residents have expressed little interest in running for the position. This leaves those who have been on the board for years with no other options than to continue serving on the board, or to leave their positions vacant, which would impact the functioning of the town.

“There seems to be little interest in running for a basically volunteer job,” said Marckoon. “We don’t pay them much of anything and they’re kind of burned out.”

The assessors have expressed a desire to change the position from an elected board to a single appointed employee of the town. It is thought that an appointed position would be more attractive to prospective candidates, and would encourage more interest in the job.

“The Select Board would hire an appointed assessor,” said Marckoon. “A lot of the assessing bookwork so to speak we do in the office anyway.”

The issue will be put to a vote at a special town meeting sometime in November. If the referendum passes, the change would take effect on July 1, 2023.

“Hats off to the people who have held the elected post, they’ve done very well to keep up with things,” said Marckoon of the current Board of Assessors.

The Board of Assessors declined to comment on the referendum at this time.

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