Lamoine budget set for June 24 vote

LAMOINE — Paving and education are the major costs driving up the town’s proposed 2020-21 budget, projected at $4.22 million. That represents a 4.77 percent hike, up from $4.03 million.

The budget will be voted on at the annual Town Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 24, at Lamoine Consolidated School.

Town Administrator Stu Marckoon says the proposed budget totals $4,226,443.18, a jump of $192,491 compared to current funding of $4,033,951.88. He calculates the property tax increase at 3.14 percent or $94,662.02.

“The biggest part of the budget is paving,” Marckoon said last Friday. “We plan to do more this year.”

The middle section of the Mill Road and Walker end of the Shore Road are due to be paved. The paving budget is expected to rise from $85,000 to $147,000.

On a positive note, Marckoon reported that non-property tax revenue is up and estimated at $97,828.99 — a 3.14 percent increase.

“We were worried on the revenue side about excise taxes, but they have bounced back after a dismal April,” Marckoon reported.

The 2020-21 school budget is estimated at $3,109,090.97 — a 2.83 percent rise from $3,023,400.96. The incoming eighth-grade class of 12 requires additional funds to pay their tuition next year at high schools such as Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island. The town’s 2020 high-school grads number only 9, according to superintendent Katrina Kane.

Marckoon said another major expense is for waste disposal. The town’s recycling budget is up $8,600, about half of the solid waste disposal budget, as “zero-sort” recycling has increased the frequency for removing materials from the transfer station.

“[As a result] recycling costs have increased dramatically,” Marckoon said.

Letitia Baldwin

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