High Speed Chase

ELLSWORTH – A suspect in an alleged attempted armed robbery on High Street last week was arrested this afternoon along with his passenger after a high speed chase through Franklin and into Ellsworth.

The suspect reached speeds of 130 miles an hour before finally being taken into custody at a site on State Street in Ellsworth at 4:15 p.m. said Maine State Police Sgt. Alden Bustard. Police had even set up a spike mat on Route 182 but the suspect went around it, he said.

The incident began earlier in the afternoon when a witness called police to report seeing a vehicle matching the description of a vehicle involved in the attempted robbery in Ellsworth last week, the sergeant said. The car was a silver Saab.

Trooper David Barnard spotted the Saab on Route 182 in Franklin and tried to stop it by putting out a spike mat, said Bustard. The suspect continued on and drove around the mat at which point the car went off the road, hitting a utility pole at the intersection of Route 182 and Route 200, Bustard said. The driver and passenger fled on foot.

The passenger, Joseph Miller, 24, of Whitneyville, hitched a ride with a woman who was passing by. Police stopped that vehicle and arrested Miller on charges of receiving stolen property, Bustard said. That was at 3:45 p.m.

Meanwhile, the driver, Hyunkook Korsiak, 29, of Harpswell, allegedly stole a car nearby-another Saab, said Bustard.

Korsiak continued to elude police traveling to Route 179 and from there to State Street in Ellsworth before being stopped and arrested by Ellsworth Police Sgt. Glenn Moshier, said Bustard.

Police arrested Korsiak on charges of eluding police, criminal speeding, driving to endanger, passing a roadblock and two counts of felony theft.

The Ellsworth Police have been looking for over a week for a vehicle matching the description of the Saab Korsiak was driving. A man in that vehicle allegedly tried to rob an Ellsworth businessman at gunpoint, police reported.

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