Meet Robin Clarke!

Down East YMCA Fitness Director Robin Clarke will lead Kelly through an eight-week strength and toning program. Day One will begin with how many sit-ups and pushups Kelly can do in a minute, a flexibility test and a 12-minute walk/run on a treadmill. They will repeat this test at the end of the eight weeks to measure progress. “Also,” Robin says, “we will be focusing on the triceps the first week: one of the most dreaded muscles that women especially want to get toned and defined. In between, we will be doing short bursts of cardio for fat burning and revving up Kelly’s metabolism. Kelly has great goals in place. She ordered a new jacket she has wanted and that will be her goal — to fit into it! Also: entering the Memorial Mile Race. We will be taking one day ay a time, focusing on being healthy, strong and increasing energy and cardiovascular levels.”


Robin is Red Cross certified in CPR and first aid. She’s a certified personal trainer and a Master Zumba instructor. She has completed coursework in designing cardio programs, extreme interval training, chiseled abs and glutes, strength and conditioning and kettle bell workouts. A single mother of two boys, she is now taking a cancer care exercise specialist course. She also teaches cardiac rehab to active older adults and has an average client load of 10 to 20 personal training clients.


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