Meet Carmen Greene!

Carmen Greene is a registered nurse at Mount Desert Island Hospital and lives in Bar Harbor. For her first 30 years, she was an athlete, playing basketball, softball and tennis. She swam. She bowled. She played racquetball and did karate. She went whitewater rafting.

But her life slowly changed and “I kind of just let it go,” she says. She gave away her snowshoes. Carmen wants to get back to doing the things she loves – she want to ride a motorcycle, hike in the park, play sports and be active again.

She has considered gastric bypass surgery, but after weighing the risks and all her options, decided she would rather use a different method.

The Breaking Point

I’ve been feeling tired all the time, taking one step at a time going up the stairs and being tired when I got there. I work in a hospital and I see sick people all the time – I see 90 year-olds who are healthy and fit, and 60-year-olds who are not. I want to be healthy.


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