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MCMH Reports $1 Million Loss, But Plenty of Positives Noted

Cyndi Wood
Respiratory therapist Kim Pinkham accepts the Gold Service Award from Maine Coast Memorial Hospital CEO Charlie Therrien at the hospital’s annual meeting Tuesday night.

ELLSWORTH — The bad news: Maine Coast Memorial Hospital finished $1 million in the red this past fiscal year.

The good news: it could have been a lot worse, operations have been streamlined and patient satisfaction is high.

“The hospital experienced a $1 million operating loss for the fiscal year ending June 30,” reported Debra Ehrlenbach, treasurer of the Board of Trustees, at the hospital’s annual meeting Tuesday night. “While this is alarming and certainly cannot continue, there are many successes and much progress being made from budget savings, fund raising, access and capital perspectives.”

Hurting the bottom line is the more than $12 million in back payments the state owes Maine Coast for services delivered to Medicaid patients.

“Two years ago I listened as [Former Board Chairman] Bob Merrill stood before this group and asked Augusta to pay its bills,” said Board Chairman Rebecca Sargent. “That request was heard, and Augusta has paid some, but not all.”

The state recently notified the hospital of its intent to make a $1.7-million interim cost settlement for 2009.

“Please keep talking to your legislators and putting on the pressure,” Ehrlenbach urged.

MCMH Employee Awards

  • Outstanding Volunteer: Sylvia Allen
  • Outstanding Community Volunteers: Sam and Michelle Francis, Atlantic Landscape
  • Innovative Program: Pelvic Health, Erica Wagstaff
  • Partner in Health and Wellness: Ellsworth Area Chamber of Commerce
  • Gold Service Award: Kim Pinkham
  • Caregivers of the Year: Chris Nelson and Joan Torrey.
  • Safety: Patti Hinerman
  • Ownership: Nora Seesholtz
  • Respect: Debbie Vassar
  • Professionalism: Cynthia Wixon
  • Patient Appreciation: Dr. Susan Parlin
  • True Colors: Bill and Jane Conary
  • President’s Award: Dick Babcock

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Cyndi Wood

Cyndi Wood

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