Lost: 20 Inches

Ahh, can’t believe it’s our final week! The time has flown by. Kelly had a meeting out of town and had to miss a workout, No worries, we met Saturday after 7:30 a.m. Zumba and trained for an hour! We did a kettlebell workout. A kettlebell is a weight with a handle that you can lift, swing and get a great a workout with. We used a 10-lb. kettlebell and did lots of triceps with it. Kettlebells can be purchased at any sports equipment store for approximately $2 dollars per lb.

Monday night we got out some aggressions with boxing! Kelly was an animal. I think she must have heard the theme from “Rocky” in her head because she was letting me have it! We did jabs, uppercuts, speedbag and more. It was so much fun. To show Kelly how proud we are of her commitment and success, the Y is giving her a free one-year membership so she can keep up her resolution. Kelly has lost a total of 20 inches off her body! Its been a pleasure training her and becoming friends. She has more stamina, endurance and confidence and has been an inspiration to  a lot of people.


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