First Swine Flu Case Reported on MDI

BAR HARBOR — One case of H1N1 “swine” flu has been positively confirmed at Mount Desert Island Hospital (MDIH).


The case was confirmed during the past month, hospital spokesman Jeff Nichols said. The patient, for whom no information has been released, was sent home with instructions to take fever-reducing medications and fluids, to rest, and to avoid contact with others, as guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) instruct, Mr. Nichols said.

No cases of seasonal flu have been confirmed at the hospital.

Within the Mount Desert Island Regional School District (MDI RSS), there is currently a lot of cold activity, some strep throat, and some 24 to 48-hour viruses, but no students have come down with either H1N1 or seasonal flu, school health coordinator Maria Donahue said.

Several elementary school students in the district were tested for H1N1 and seasonal flu recently, but the tests came back negative, Ms. Donahue said.

H1N1 is considered a pandemic flu by the World Health Organization and the CDC. A massive publicity campaign encouraging people to become vaccinated against both types of flu has been under way for weeks. However, shipments of both vaccines, coordinated through the CDC, have been delayed due to the high level of demand that the publicity campaign has created.

MDIH has received 2,000 doses of seasonal flue vaccine, and is waiting for another 1,300 doses, Mr. Nichols said.

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