Dermatology practice closing

ELLSWORTH — Northern Light Dermatology is closing its practice on June 24. Dr. Norman Sykes will be available to current patients for urgent dermatology care until June 24.  All patients will be notified by mail. 

Patients are urged to continue with appropriate medical care and advised to establish contact with another dermatology provider as soon as possible. To find a new dermatologist, contact your primary care provider, health insurance plan, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine at 287-3601 or online at or Osteopathic Licensure at 287-2480 or online at 

Authorization forms are available to release copies of medical records. The office will remain available for a minimum of 60 days to consult with patients and/or their new providers to promote a smooth transition and continuity of care as needed.

Patients who have not selected a new provider by the time the practice closes, can obtain acute, critical or emergency care by visiting primary care, by utilizing any Northern Light or other organization’s Walk-In Care or Emergency Department facilities.

If you have any questions, contact Northern Light Dermatology at 664-5660.

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