September births at Maine Coast Hospital

At Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth

A son, Nathan James, was born Sept. 1 to Erica and Kristopher Greene of Addison.

A son, Jack Van Michael, was born Sept. 1 to Jasmine Bernal and Jesse Carter of Brooksville.

A daughter, Maria Grazia “Grace” Patricia, was born Sept. 2 to Danielle and Mark Morgioni of Castine.

A son, Walther Anthony Sohns, was born Sept. 11 to Annette and Chris Dodd of Bangor.

A son, Lukas Elliot, was born Sept. 14 to Janna and Nathan Richards of Trenton.

A son, Jesse Allen II, was born Sept. 14 to Candace and Jesse Moody of Jonesboro.

A daughter, Izzabell Mable, was born Sept. 16 to Jodi Murphy and Dakota Beers of Franklin.

A son, Easton Albert, was born Sept. 28 to Kayla Spence and Timothy Carter of Blue Hill.

A daughter, Alaina Lynn, was born Sept. 30 to Katrina Hayward and Jared Sandstrom of Gouldsboro.

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