June Births At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital In Ellsworth

LASSEN—to Jenny and Hugh Lassen of Cherryfield, a son, Alan Soren, June 1.

GOLDEN—to Megan Golden and Nick Rivers of Ellsworth, a son, Chace Nicholas, June 1.

DOWLING—to Holly Blevins and Edward Dowling of Sullivan, a daughter, Emma Ann, June 1.

SCHAAB—to Amber Wetmore and Benjamin Schaab of Lamoine, a daughter, Eva Lorraine, June 1.

GILLEN—to Stacy and Jeffrey Gillen of Hancock, a son, Connor Michael, June 2.

BRYANT—to Ellysea Morrill and James Bryant of Southwest Harbor, a son, James Fremont Bryant Jr., June 2.

GRAY—to Erin and Aaron Gray of Northeast Harbor, a daughter, Phoebe Violet, June 3.

SHOREY—to Elisha Leeman and Jamey Shorey of Ellsworth, a son, Hunter Andrew, June 3.

BEAL—to Jennifer and Benjamin Beal of Ellsworth, a son, Joseph Lloyd, June 3.

VITAN—to Emily Arindela of Bass Harbor, a daughter, Kathleen Arindela, June 4.

NAUMANN—to Rachel Welch and Andrew Naumann of Gouldsboro, a daughter, Alexus Gladys-Joy, June 5.

MURPHY—to Kirby and Michael Murphy of Machiasport, a son, Ryan Michael, June 7.

JOHNSON—to Lindsay and Mason Johnson of Birch Harbor, a son, Tyler Mason, June 8.

ALLEY—to Sarah Gross and Bernard Alley Jr. of Blue Hill, a daughter, Emily Ann, June 10.

WOOD—to Suzanne and Gabriel Wood of Ellsworth, a son, Oliver Lennon, June 10.

WESCOTT—to Katrina and Alvin Wescott of Ellsworth, a son, Darion Richard, June 11.

GAMACHE—to Tracey and Jason Gamache of Cherryfield, a daughter, Abigail Rose, June 11.

KENNEDY—to Danielle Pinkham and Cole Kennedy of Milbridge, a daughter, Everly Love, June 12.

SMITH—to Amy and Jonathan Smith of Brewer, a son, Jackson Martin, June 12.

DAMON—to Brittany and Tyler Damon of Blue Hill, a son, Owen Tyler, June 13.

WESLOW—to Melissa and Steve Weslow of Surry, a daughter, Evie Isobel, June 14.

BREDA—to Monica Johnson of Ellsworth, a son, Jacob Egidio, June 15.

ROBINSON—to Stephanie Thornley and Shawn Robinson of Orland, a son, Damien Johnny, June 18.

JOHNSON—to Nina and Clifford Johnson of Addison, a daughter, Janie Faye, June 18.

LAWSON—to Heidi and Adam Lawson of Tremont, a daughter, Hannah Alexis, June 18.

CALCIA—to Pamela and Marc Calcia of Sorrento, a daughter, Sophia Marie, June 19.

RENWICK—to Jenay Tucker and Trevor Renwick of Birch Harbor, a son, Wyliam James, June 20.

PELLETIER—to Brittany and Shane Pelletier of Hancock, a daughter, Norah Kate, June 22.

GADDIS—to Abigail and John Gaddis of Gouldsboro, sons, John Russell and James Robert, June 25.

ROBBINS—to Erin and Jason Robbins of Steuben, a son, Kai Curtis, June 25.

JUNGO—to Teresa Jungo Valencia and Peter Valencia Rodriguez of Sullivan, a daughter, Daniela Sarahi Valencia, June 30.

SEKULICH—to Tanya and Ben Sekulich of Ellsworth, a son, Brayden Benjamin, June 30.


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