January and February births at Northern Light Maine Coast

At Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth


To Alice McDermott and Ronald Lyons of Waltham, a son, Levi James, Jan. 1.

To Nicole and Victor Chan of Lamoine, a daughter, Jocelyn Eliana, Jan. 7.

To Chelsea Arinder and George Corbin, a daughter, Delaney Joyce, Jan. 7.

To Brandi and Jonathan Hutchinson of Deer Isle, a daughter, Melody Alaina-Renee, Jan. 9.

To Elisha Stratton and Monté Woods of Ellsworth, a daughter, Londyn Iris, Jan. 11.

To Kourtney Collum and Patrick Lyons of Ellsworth, a son, Jack Grzzly, Jan. 19

To Michala Brown and Heith Oliver of Stonington, a son, Warren Lane, Jan. 19.

To Natasha Allen of Brooksville and Dale Haley Jr. of Stonington, a daughter, Charlotte Mae, Jan. 23.

To Marina Frederick and Ian Gans of Surry, a daughter, Margot Lennox, Jan. 25.

To Vivenne and Jason Sprague of Franklin, a son, Lucas Harden, Jan. 27.

To Emily and Houston Havel of Bucksport, a son, Harrison Havel, Jan. 29.

To Courtney J. Beale and Collin Hodgkins of Hancock, a son, Kendrick Lee, Jan. 29.

To Jenna and Kenneth Kelley of Beals, a son, Summit Harleigh, Jan. 30.

To Carla Scocchi and Seth Murray of Penobscot, a daughter, Elara Nina, Jan. 30.

To Kasara and Clarence Cowperthwaite of Steuben, a son, Killian Wayne, Jan. 31.

To Polina Mirzoyeva and Tolib Mirzoev of Hancock, a son, Shokir, Feb. 1.

To Kimberly and Bradley Staples of Trenton, a daughter, Emery Elaine, Feb. 4.

To Candace Flaherty and Thomas Sylvain of Hancock, a son, Hunter Thomas, Feb. 12

To Melisa Mitchell and James Wade of Ellsworth, Charli Amethyst, Feb. 12.

To Kristen Snow and Tyeler Grey of Ellsworth, a son, Jaxon Tyeler, Feb. 13.

To Krystal Flak and Keegan Harriman of Ellsworth, a daughter, Ava Ann, Feb. 15.

To Kristina and Ross Bowden of Penobscot, a daughter, Miriam Priscilla, Feb. 16.

To Danielle Hallett and Joshua Coleman of Blue Hill, a son, Connor Alan, Feb. 18.

To April Brooks and Robert Morse of Gouldsboro, a daughter, Aubrey Gail, Feb. 20.

To Jennifer King and James Collier of Lamoine, a daughter, River Willow Dorothy, Feb. 20.

To Sarah Knight and Eric Butler of Franklin, a son, Michael Phillip, Feb. 25.

To Desiree and Matthew Eaton of Stonington, a daughter, Evelyn Sue, Feb. 27.

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