February and March births and MCMH

At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth

To Haley Strout and Jason Strout of Harrington, a son, Easton Allen, Feb. 2.

To Courtney Hall and Zachary Jordan of Orland, a son, Grahm Austin, Feb. 2.

To Meghan Savage and Thomas Savage of Northeast Harbor, a daughter, Maisie Augustus Goff, Feb. 3.

To Sarah and David Bennett of Steuben, a son, Alastair Jay, Feb. 4.

To Joanne and Robert Vivian of Hancock, a son, Lucas Robert Allen, Feb. 4.

To Rebecca Paine and Bik Wheeler, a son, Wilde Roy Clarke, Feb. 8.

To Margaux Kreder and Riley Sawyer of South Gouldsboro, a son, Arthur Brian, Feb. 9.

To Amy and Brian Wisehart of Ellsworth, a son, Benjamin Elliot Franklin, Feb. 11.

To Katie Utzinger and Christopher Saunders, a daughter, Astrid Rion, Feb. 15.

To Candace Flaherty and Thomas Sylvain of Hancock, a son, Brayden Corey, Feb. 16.

To Shandi Rossi and Lucas Hunt of Harrington, a daughter, Leah Annette, Feb. 17.

To Morgan Stanley and Zackary Wentworth of Southwest Harbor, a daughter, Juna Raie, Feb. 17.

To Brianna Kelley and Benjamin Willey of Cherryfield, a daughter, Olivia Pearl, Feb. 24.

To Jenna Horton and Steven Boucher Jr. of Bar Harbor, a son, Kieran James, Feb. 26.

To Erin and Jeffrey Libby of Beals, a son, Riley Michael, March 1.

To Taylor Jones and Travis Bessey of Penobscot, a son, Kai Ryker, March 1.

To Nicole Pert and Eric Redman of Brooksville, a daughter, Phoenix Rain, March 2.

To Ivylynn and Frank Tracey of Sullivan, a son, Bennett Daniel, March 8.

To Brandi Jellison and Landon Pinkham of Milbridge, a son, Hunter Michael Jack, March 9.

To Nichole and Dustin Dunn of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Ivy Elizabeth, March 13.

To Kassie and Matthew Warren of Ellsworth, a son, Mitchell Ryan, March 14.

To Emily and Colton Hatt of Steuben, a son, Wyatt John, March 15.

To Rebecca and Sonny Coffin of Brewer, a son, Christopher Tristram, March 15.

To Kaitlyn and Thomas Salisbury of Ellsworth, a son, Oliver Dean, March 20.

To Katie and Daniel Cassidy of Deer Isle, a daughter, Alexandra Olivia, March 22.

To Bryanne Bisbee and Saul Vydas of Trenton, a son, Magnus William, March 22.

To Kimberly and William Martin of Eddington, a daughter, Luna Claire, March 29.

To Katie and Joseph Bailey of Milford, a daughter, Annabelle Ruth, March 30.

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