June births at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth

ALLEN—to Stephanie and Destin Allen of Verona Island, a daughter, Leona Lily, June 1.

STRATTON—to Allison Hopkins-Stratton of Sedgwick, a son, Brenden Hunter Vaughn, June 2.

ORSINI—to Cierra Santiago and Julio Orsini Jr. of Ellsworth, a son, Ezilo Haze, June 3.

MORSE—to Sonya and Dana Morse of Deblois, a son, Lukas Scott, June 4.

CASEY—to Jody and Joshua Casey of Cherryfield, a son, Dylan David Alexander, June 4.

FERRICK—to Anne Albee and Maxim Ferrick of Cherryfield, a son, Slade Xavier, June 5.

PERRY—to Ayla and Kevin Perry of Holden, a son, James Joseph, June 7.

SMITH—to Danielle Goodwin and Joshua Smith of Trenton, a daughter, Raielee Dawn, June 11.

FLANNERY—to Tanya Reynolds of Bucksport, a son, Eli James, June 12.

BARTON—to Vanessa and Peter Barton of Jonesport, a daughter, Savannah Mae, June 13.

WALLS—to Nicolette and Timothy Walls of Blue Hill, a daughter, Starlette Katine, June 13.

BIRDSALL—to Meghan and Andrew Birdsall of Penobscot, a daughter, Mary Isabel Sidney, June 19.

BERGIN—to Nancy and Daniel Bergin of Blue Hill, a daughter, Kaya June, June 20.

ROBBINS—to Samantha Hutchinson and Eric Robbins of Deer Isle, a son, Trace Daniel, June 22.

SPRINGER—to Jessica Mason and Jarade Springer of Ellsworth, a daughter, Lilia Rose, June 22.

EDSON—to Jane Hallowell and Elton Edson III of Ellsworth, a son, Oliver Lee, June 23.

HILLS—to Danielle Jordan and Denis Hills of Sullivan, a son, Trey Jaxson, June 23.

STANLEY—to Elizabeth and Christopher Stanley of Bucksport, a son, Brody Spencer, June 25.

SMITH—to Marion and Joe Smith of Steuben, a son, Jakob David, June 28.

SPOFFORD—to Shanoah Schmidt and Tyler Spofford of Deer Isle, a daughter, Jenna Mae Lynn, June 28.

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