Downeast Births at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth

At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital In Ellsworth

KEENEY—to Cheryl and Joseph Keeney of Ellsworth, a daughter, Katherine Isabelle, March 1.

HARKINS—to Mary Allen and Patrick Harkins of Mount Desert, a son, Mason Jon, March 2.


DALTON—to Jessica Eaton and Dewayne Dalton of Stonington, a daughter, Kenzie Ann, March 4.

WILLIAMS—to Hollie Sawyer and Budd Williams of Southwest Harbor, a daughter, Jolene Marie, March 5.

MOHR—to Jennifer Fountaine and Noah Mohr of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Savannah Brielle, March 7.

WOOD—to Courtney and Jon Wood of Ellsworth, a son, Bryce Stephen, March 8.

NYANUTSE—to Rebecca and Rene Nyanutse of Ellsworth, a daughter, Loys-Viola Yayra Essivi, March 13.

HUDSON—to Rachel Clark and Russell Hudson of Ellsworth, a daughter, Stella Davina, March 14.

AWALT—to Kristen Warren and Donald Awalt of Ellsworth, a daughter, Lauryn Rose, March 14.

RYAN—to Toni and Seath Ryan of Mariaville, a daughter, Gracie Mae, March 14.

MALONE—to Michelle and Rob Malone of Ellsworth, a daughter, Elly Leigh, March 15.

HARMON—to Calli and Chris Harmon of Otis, a daughter, Greenlee Elizabeth, March 15.

WITHAM—to Christina and David Witham of Bar Harbor, a son, Noah David, March 15.

POTTER—to Courtney Williams and Kirk Potter of Milbridge, a son, Liam Scott, March 16.

PINKHAM—to Michelle Rotta and Michael Pinkham II of Sullivan, a daughter, Kallie Isabelle, March 17.

SMITH—to Angela and Matthew Smith of Amherst, a son, Beckett Alexander, March 20.

DAVIS—to Wanda Wood and Brent Davis Sr. of Cutler, a son, Brady Deacon, March 21.

ROBERTS—to Bobbi-Jo and Cale Roberts of Stonington, a son, Bowen Donald, March 24.

PORTER—to Alice Montgomery and Roderick Porter II of Brewer/Orland, a daughter, Kaylin Ann, March 27.

RYAN—to Jennifer and Edmund Ryan of Ellsworth, a daughter, Anika Maeve, March 28.

LEBEL—to Despe Dodge and Fred Lebel Jr. of Brooksville, a son, Devlin Edward, March 29.


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