Downeast Births At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

LARRABEE—to LeAnna Murphy and Jason Larrabee of Stonington, a daughter, Sierra Sue Alexandra, March 2.

WLODKOWSKI—to Alexandra and Paul Wlodkowski of Ellsworth, a daughter, Lyudmila Pavlovna, March 3.

HARPER—to Ashley Cunningham of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Jade Lynn, March 5.

BISHOP—to Jennifer and Terry Bishop of Ellsworth, a daughter, McKenna Cecile, March 5.

ST. PETER—to Ashley Humphries and Daniel St. Peter of Ellsworth, a daughter Rhiannon Paije, March 6.

WARD—to Barbara McAlpine and Troy Ward of Hancock, a daughter, Mackenzie Grace, March 13.

BALYINT—to Britannia and Stephen Balyint of East Machias, a daughter, Lilyana Grace, March 13.

BLANCHETTE—to Deana and Christopher Blanchette of Gouldsboro, a daughter, Emma Dean, March 14.

COMBS—to Elizabeth Combs and Leroy Worden Jr. of Sedgwick and Ellsworth, a son, Brodie Michael, March 16.

KELLEY—to Jenna and Kenneth Kelley of Jonesport, a son, Solomon David, March 18.

DYER—to Allison Webb of Ellsworth, a son, Jacob Michael, March 21.

HODGKINS—to Mandy Fountaine and Joshua Hodgkins of Mount Desert Island, a daughter, Charlotte Ray, March 24.

SALSBURY—to April and Jason Salsbury of Waltham, a daughter, Leah Brielle, March 26.

CIOMEI—to Brittany and Seth Ciomei of Deer Isle, a daughter, Taylor Alyssa.

JORDAN—to Jamie Jordan of Milbridge, a daughter, Jalynn Marilyn, March 29.

MAIORIELLO—to Kayla Littlefield and Domenico Maioriello of Old Town, a daughter, Isabella Maria-Rose, March 30.

COWPERTHWAITE—to Kasara Newenham amd Clarence Cowperthwaite of Steuben, a son, Cameren Joseph, March 31.

Nicole Ouellette

Nicole Ouellette

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