Downeast births

At Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth

A son, William Wixon, was born Jan. 9 to Megan Wixon and Eric Doherty of Surry.

A son, Maverick James Alexzander, was born Jan. 11 to Mary Dyer and Deven Olsen of Deer Isle.

A daughter, Hannah Lynn, was born Jan. 13 to Sarah and Robert Skillman of Cherryfield.

A daughter, Parker Beth, was born Jan. 15 to Haley and Jason Strout of Harrington.

A son, Mack Louie, was born Jan. 16 to Sadie Beardsworth and Jon Dean of Blue Hill.

A son, Alexander Generoso, was born Jan. 15 to Dianara and Anthony Crossman of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Esme Muriel, was born Jan. 22 to Crystal Draper of Sedgwick.

A son, George Sargeant, was born Jan. 23 to Emily and Sargeant Pepper of Mount Desert.

A son, Jonathan Gunnar, was born Jan. 30 to Carmen and Jeremy Tanis of Ellsworth.

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