Downeast births

At Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital in Ellsworth

A daughter, Emelyn Grace, was born Oct. 1 to Cindy Gierke and Bret Ryan of Sedgwick.

A son, Jaxston Warren, was born Oct. 1 to Audrae Kelton and Matthew Curtis of Ellsworth.

A son, Raiden Charles, was born Oct. 2 to Katelin and David Richards of Gouldsboro.

A son, Reid Edwin, was born Oct. 2 to Elizabeth Harmon and Andrew Herrick of Sedgwick.

A son, Iver Weston Murray, was born Oct. 7 to Alissa Beal and Joshua Murray of Beals.

A daughter, Jackie Ann Gove, was born Oct. 7 to Jessalyn Gove of Little Deer Isle.

A son, Atlas James, was born Oct. 8 to Kristen and Lucas Sockbeson of Bangor.

A son, Bentley Gerald-Neal, was born Oct. 9 to Mikhayla Winger and Dacota Dow of Trenton.

A daughter, Aurora Rose, was born Oct. 17 to Sydnie Norris and Christopher Roskom.

A son, Deklan Eugene, was born Oct. 19 to Karissa Beam and Derrick Maxie of Surry.

A daughter, Hailee Jean, was born Oct. 23 to Destiny and Levi Soper of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Cadence Frances, was born Oct. 24 to Janette and Kevin Wilber of Blue Hill.

A son, Carter Louis, was born Oct. 26 to Lindsay Pettegrow and Jonathan Shedd of Eddington.

A daughter, Kamryn Harper, was born Oct. 27 to Alexa and Justin Kessler of Ellsworth.

A son, Chester Morton, was born Oct. 27 to Carolyn and Zanny Stwertka of Blue Hill.

A daughter, Hesper Liberty, was born Oct. 30 to Sarah and Peter Philbrook of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Kiya Lilian, was born Nov. 5 to Kara and Willard Doliber of Alexander.

A son, Brodie Bruce, was born Nov. 5 to Michelle Michaud and Gilbert Bartlett of Trenton.

A daughter, Hope Elizabeth, was born Nov. 12 to Catherine Saunders and Jason Melanson of Ellsworth.

A son, Bryson Ellis, was born Nov. 19 to Chelsey Beal and Cody Newenham of Harrington.

A daughter, Adalynn Mae Lea, was born Nov. 20 to Jennifer and James Hubisz of Cherryfield.

A son, Mason Jeffrey, was born Nov. 28 to Tamara Bunt and Stephen Rafferty of Orland.

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