Downeast births

At Mount Desert Island Hospital

In Bar Harbor

A daughter, Hope Michelle Emerson, was born July 1 to Krystal and Seth Emerson of Ellsworth.

A son, Oak Smith, was born July 6 to Autumn and Kent Smith of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Evelyn Belle Ward, was born July 12 to Anna and Nathan Ward of Northeast Harbor.

A son, Aaron Antony, was born Aug. 1 to Sonia Erattupuzha and Sabin Antony of Bar Harbor.

A son, Jameson Seavey, was born Aug. 10 to Kristi Lunt and Justin Seavey of Trenton.

A son, William David Butler, was born Aug. 30 to Rachel and Lucas Butler of Bar Harbor.

A son, Lukas Barry Fernandez, was born Aug. 21 to Jessica and Chris Fernandez of Trenton.

A son, Bennett Thurston, was born Aug. 20 to Brianna and Adam Thurston of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Naomi Cross, was born Sept. 15 to Sabrina Hatch and Daren Cross of Bar Harbor.

A son, Brock Bailey, was born Sept. 17 to Holly and Keith Bailey of Lamoine.

A son, Jacob Holler, was born Sept. 22 to Amy and Sebastian Holler of Hancock.

A son, Landon Scott Jones, was born Oct. 3 to Jordan and Ross Jones of Steuben.

A son, Archer Colbeth, was born Oct. 24 to Shannon Stanley and Paul Colbeth of Bernard.

A daughter, Brin K. Rechholtz, was born Oct. 24 to Kristie Rechholtz and Phil Kinter of Bar Harbor.

A son, Rylen William Joseph, was born Nov. 22 to Jennifer and Brian Joseph of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Anastazia Wilkinson, was born Nov. 26 to Phoebe Wentworth and Cameron Wilkinson of Hancock.

A daughter, Hazel Sapp, was born Nov. 26 to Meaghan Hort and Zachary Sapp of Hancock.

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