December births at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth

To Jessica Barbay and Benjamin Kent of Ellsworth, a daughter, Robin Camilla, Dec. 2.

To Raeanne Morgan and Tyler Robbins of Deer Isle, a son, Everson Michael, Dec. 10.

To Mackala Chattley and Jacob LeBlanc of Ellsworth, a son, Malikai Klebokel Leon LeBlanc, Dec. 10.

To Rainya and Nathaniel Davis of East Machias, a son, Waylon Rayne, Dec. 10.

To Sarah and Jason Tustian of Machias, a son, Elijah Pond, Dec. 11.

To Emmie Peasley of Brooksville, a daughter, Reagan Nicole, Dec. 11.

To Erin Rhoda and Matthew Stone of Bangor, a son, Wilder Earl, Dec. 14.

To Jessica and Sheldon Bragdon of Milbridege, a daughter, Octavia Athena, Dec. 15.

To Kassidy Desjardin of Franklin, a daughter, Stella Nichole, Dec. 15.

To Shona and Charles Mitchell of Columbia, a daughter, Paisley Isabelle, Dec. 16.

To Sophie and Shane Martin of Sullivan, a son, Gage Paul, Dec. 18.

To Susanne and David Kramer of Deer Isle, a daughter, Charlotte Ava, Dec. 19.

To Kasey and Paul Bean Jr. of Sorrento, a daughter, Kinsley Grace-Madison, Dec. 22.

To Abigail and Evan Valarik of Mount Desert, a son, Jacob William, Dec. 26.

To Chelsey Beal and Cody Newenham of Cherryfield, a daughter, Joycelyn May Newenham, Dec. 27.

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