Births At Maine Coast Memorial Hospital

PERRY—to Megan and Mark Perry of Columbia, a son, Gavin Ryan, Feb. 6.

FALLICA—to Megan Michaels of Bangor, a son, Bailey Reese, Feb. 6.

RYAN—to Emerald Rafferty and Casey Ryan of Blue Hill, a daughter, Iris Grace, Feb. 13.

O’CONNER—to Heidi and Ezra O’Conner of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Zoe Alexis, Feb. 14.

KOWALSKY—to Amanda and Matthew Kowalsky of Columbia Falls, a daughter, Whitney Marie, Feb. 18.

KROLL—to Kristen Wing and Christopher Kroll of Blue Hill, twin daughters, Caylynn Jane and Karlee Lynn, Feb. 18.

WILLEY—to Emily Murphy and Chris Willey of Sullivan, a daughter, Mekenna Lynn, Feb. 20.

MACKENZIE—to Rachel and Scott Mackenzie of Trenton, a daughter, Lydia Rose, Feb. 24.

STANWOOD—to Brienne Fraser and Troy Stanwood of Steuben, a daughter, Ivy Rose Beal, Feb. 25.

NEWBERT—to Heather and Michael Newbert of Franklin, a son, Chase Michael, Feb. 25.

PRESTON—to Katie Hartley-Johnson and Andrew Preston of Lamoine, a daughter, Emma Redfern, Feb. 25

SARTIN—to Rebekah Thurlow and Patrick Sartin of Bar Harbor, a daughter, Sage Xylia, Feb. 26.

HODGDON—to Angelique and Jason Hodgdon of Seal Cove, a daughter, Grace Elizabeth, Feb. 27.

HOLLAND—to Ashley Emery and Karry Holland of Jonesboro, a son, Gage Douglas, Feb. 28.


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