December births at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital in Ellsworth

AMADOR—to Kathy and Obel Amador of Addison, a daughter, Liliana Ethel Antonia, Dec. 3.

SYLVESTER—to Dede and Chris Sylvester of Bucksport, a son, Spencer Kye, Dec. 4.

BILLINGS—to Jenna and Joel Billings of Deer Isle, a daughter, Halle Brooks, Dec. 5.

EMMERT—to Pamela Perkins and James Emmert of Ellsworth, a daughter, Lydia Grace, Dec. 8.

ARSENAULT—to Elizabeth and Aaron Arsenault of Southwest Harbor, a daughter, Autumn Rose, Dec. 7.

DAMON—to Amelia Larrabee and Bill Damon of Stonington, a son, Collin Richard, Dec. 10.

ABBOTT—to Christina and Shawn Abbott of Hancock, a son, Shawn Mark Abbott Jr., Dec. 11.

DORR—to Stephanie and Chad Dorr of Milbridge, a daughter, Mia Lorena, Dec. 11.

ASTBURY—to Kelley and Thomas Astbury of Blue Hill, a son, Henry Phillip, Dec. 14.

CHAPMAN—to Kendall Mitchell and Travis Chapman of Orland, a son, Elliot Richard, Dec. 15.

GATCHELL—to Tammy and Garrett Gatchell of Monroe, a daughter, Paige Ella, Dec. 15.

LAFORTUNE—to Lilah McFadden and David LaFortune of Belfast, a daughter, Noni Irene, Dec. 18.

HASKELL—to Kate and Evan Haskell of Deer Isle, a son, Clyde Garrison, Dec. 16.

CLARK—to Victoria Carter and Matthew Clark of Franklin, a daughter, Emaya Tracy, Dec. 18.

REGO—to Lauren and Joseph Rego of Prospect, a daughter, Hadassah Chenoah, Dec. 19.

CAREY—to Kate and Ryan Carey of Holden, a son, Matthew Allen, Dec. 21.

DESJARDIN—to Samantha and Tim DesJardin of Hancock, a son, Brennan James, Dec. 28.

MICHAUD-KIDDER—to Jessica Michaud and Olin Kidder of Ellsworth, twin sons, Colby Michael and Cory Lucas, Dec. 23.

BRIDGES—to Heather Brown and Ryan Bridges of Prospect Harbor, a daughter, Bailey Rae, Dec. 24.

FORNI—to April Morse and George Forni of Sullivan, a son, Sully James, Dec. 25.

BAILEY—to Melanie Tenney and James Bailey Jr. of Harrington, a son, Alexander James, Dec. 27.

FRENCH—to Jamie Wunder and Travis French of Ellsworth, a daughter, Harper Emma, Dec. 29.

STROUT—to Tara Skeate and Scott Strout of Harrington, a daughter, Baylee Ann, Dec. 31.

LARA—to Maria and Martin Lara of Milbridge, a daughter, Joselyn Guadalupe, Dec. 31.

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