April-June Births at MDI Hospital

At Mount Desert Island Hospital

In Bar Harbor

A son, Colby Alley, was born April 15 to Morgan Reed and Jason Alley of Hancock.

A son, Jacob Linares-Cruz, was born April 17 to Mariangely Cruz Rodriguez and Jose Linares of Southwest Harbor.

A son, Roger Sparrough, was born April 23 to Elizabeth and Brendan Sparrough of Brooklyn, N.Y.

A son, Asa Mouri, was born May 12 to Mei and Kousuke Mouri of Bar Harbor.

A son, Daniel Mastropaolo, was born May 15 to Chrystal Lawrence and Ryan Mastropaolo of Seal Harbor.

A son, Nikolas Busby, was born June 4 to Cassandra Constantine and Joshua Busby of Holden.

A son, Bresdin Lemoine, was born June 7 to Katelynn and James Lemoine of Swan’s Island.

A daughter, Maya Young, was born June 8 to Molly and Ben Young of Bernard.

A daughter, Piper Nevells, was born June 10 to Lilianna and David Nevells of Blue Hill.

A daughter, Emma Forrest, was born June 17 to Madison and Spencer Forrest of Trenton.

A son, Lucas Garrity, was born June 21 to Cecilia and Michael Garrity of Bar Harbor.

A son, Blaine Alley, was born June 27 to Rebecca and Bryce Alley of Ellsworth.

A son, Sawyer Vaughn Dickinson, was born July 10 to Sara and Jeremy Dickinson of Eastbrook.

A son, Jasper Lombardi, was born July 13 to Jackie Carpenter and Vincent Lombardi of Bar Harbor.

A son, Liam El-Kassaby, was born July 19 to Carly Thaggard and Baha El-Kassaby of Southwest Harbor.

A daughter, Nora Wentwor, was born July 27 to Morgan Clement and Chris Wentworth of Franklin.

A daughter, Aubree Kelley, was born July 28 to Emily and Justin Kelley of Ellsworth.

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