Births At Mount Desert Island Hospital, Bar Harbor

A son, Fisher Burgess, Oct. 5, to Shaylyn Smith and Kevin Burgess of Harrington.

A daughter, Sophia Ann Barker, Oct. 7, to Kimberly and Kyle Barker of Ellsworth.

A son, William Hastings, Oct. 8, to Christina and Peter Hastings of Bar Harbor.

A daughter, Charlotte Riedel, Oct. 13, to Chelsea Tripler and Thomas Riedel II of Swan’s Island.

A daughter, Willow Bousquet, Oct. 14, to Katie Norwood and Eric Bousquet of Ellsworth.

A daughter, Sylvia Candice Cleary, Oct. 20, to Elspeth Flemings and Richard Cleary of Bar Harbor.

A son, Cole Damon, Oct. 28, to Jacqueline and Luke Damon of Southwest Harbor.

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