George Stevens Academy social studies teacher Kate Kennedy stands beside the original charter of Rhode Island from King Charles II that created the colony in 1663. PHOTO COURTESY OF KATE KENNEDY

GSA teacher attends national history institute

BLUE HILLGeorge Stevens Academy social studies teacher Kate Kennedy, a 1999 GSA graduate, was one of 30 “exemplary teachers” from across the United States to participate in a National History Day summer institute in Rhode Island in July. The Rhode Island Historical Society helped organize the weeklong program.

“We completed coursework for six months prior to our trip to learn about and research the context of the ideals behind the American Revolution and the early republic,” Kennedy said. “During the institute, we heard from several historians, many of whose work we had read. We also participated in historic tours of Providence and Newport, R.I., and went on several site visits including the Tomaquag Museum, the John Brown House Museum, Touro Synagogue National Historic Site and the American Antiquarian Society.

“While there, we worked with partners creating a lesson plan that will be published by National History Day. My lesson focuses on the Regulator Movement in North Carolina, a group of poor farmers who petitioned the government for fair treatment.”

“There are many similarities between Maine and Rhode Island that I plan on incorporating into my U.S. history classes at GSA,” Kennedy continued. “It became clear to me through my studies that if students have a deeper understanding of the ideals that the nation was formed on, they will better understand where we are today and how much further we have left to go to become ‘a more perfect union.”

Kennedy was the sole teacher from Maine selected for this National History Day program.

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