Sullivan’s Flanders Bay Landing is slated for a facelift this fall. A $15,000 state grant will help cover the cost of a new boat launch ramp there. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY LETITIA BALDWIN

Grant to fund Flanders Bay boat ramp

SULLIVAN — It’s currently tight maneuvering for vehicles and trailers  at the Flanders Bay Landing, but the town recently won a $15,000 state grant to help fund construction of a proper launch ramp there, bolster the shoreline and enable local residents and the public to make greater use of the town-owned site and have better access to Flanders Bay.

Sullivan Harbormaster Mike Pinkham this past spring applied for funding through the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands’ Submerged Lands program that provides grants for boating infrastructure. He said the town will contribute an additional $6,000 as its share of the Flanders Bay Landing project to be carried out in the fall.

For several years now, the town has earmarked excise tax revenue from mooring and ramp fees for harbor-related work. Those funds can be tapped for the town’s share of the landing project’s costs.

“It’s going to be a great addition to the town,” Pinkham told selectmen at their July 13 meeting.

In late spring, Hancock surveyor Mac Harriman surveyed and staked out the landing and determined that the town owns more land there than previously thought.

“We own a ways to the left — more than I thought,” Pinkham told the board. “We own out in the bay. It’s a pretty good-sized piece of land.”

As part of the project, Pinkham said the shoreline on both sides of the boat launch ramp will be rip-rapped to prevent erosion as seas rise and provide a buffer during storms.

John Cullen, an environmental specialist with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection, already inspected the site this past April and didn’t see any issues with the project. He since has sent the permit paperwork to the town. A U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit will be required for the rip-rap, according to Pinkham.

Pinkham said Barbee Construction owner Kevin Barbee already has looked over the project site this past spring and is prepared to do the work this fall.

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