Gouldsboro Police log week of May 19

GOULDSBORO — Midnight was expected to return home earlier this week after nearly dying due to an especially nasty encounter with a porcupine that left the female boxer/pitbull mix severely injured.

The dog, which had as many as 100 quills in its face and throat, was first spotted in distress before dawn Thursday, May 12, in the Route 1 area. Thanks to another citizen call, the injured canine was later found exhausted on the Chicken Mill Road and whisked to Schoodic Animal Hospital by the investigating officer, Gouldsboro Police Sgt. Adam Brackett.

At Schoodic Animal Hospital, Midnight was treated and stabilized before being moved to overnight care at the Small Animal Clinic in Ellsworth. Putting the word out about the skinny, unidentified dog on social media, Sgt. Brackett was able to locate Midnight’s owners, who said their pet had run away a few days earlier from their No. 7 Road residence in Steuben. The dog was transported to The Ark animal shelter to further recuperate over the weekend. The dog’s owners covered all the costs involved in the animal’s care, Brackett reported.

Drivers escape injury

Fay Leadbetter, 23, of Gouldsboro was unharmed when her black 2018 Toyota 4Runner was struck as she was turning from Route 1 onto the Bartlett Hill Road last Friday evening. The other driver was 35-year-old Amanda Bragg of Gouldsboro, who was uninjured. Her gold 2005 Lexus sustained moderate damage on the passenger side while moderate damage was reported to the Toyota 4Runner. Both vehicles were operable and were driven from the scene.

Domestic dispute

Both Sgt. Brackett and Officer Landan Scott responded to a report of domestic dispute between a man and a woman beside Route 1 shortly after 5 p.m. May 10. The caller said the two people appeared to be having an argument beside a car on the roadside. The caller said the woman chased after the man and threw a water bottle at him. The officers were unable to locate the pair and passed the information on to Maine State Police.

Unsecured residence

Late last Thursday night, May 12, Officer Scott noticed an open door at a Prospect Point Road residence. Investigating further, Scott found signs that someone appeared to have been in the dwelling. He found items laying on the floor throughout the house. The officer was able to contact the residence’s key holder, who confirmed that he had been working in the house and may not have properly secured the door. The residence was later secured.

Last week, Gouldsboro Police responded to several accidental 911 calls and made numerous security checks.


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