Gouldsboro Police log week of June 16

GOULDSBORO — A Houlton School bus sustained minor damage after getting stuck under a basketball hoop Friday, June 10, at the Peninsula School in Prospect Harbor.

In the school’s rear lot, the school bus driver was backing up to turn around and got caught up under the hoop. Responding to the scene, Officer Landan Scott alerted the Gouldsboro Fire Department, whose personnel responded and were able to pull the basketball hoop off the vehicle.

Keeping the peace

On Friday, June 10, Sgt. Adam Brackett and Police Chief Pat McNulty successfully mediated an argument and disturbance between neighbors on the Guzzle Road in West Gouldsboro.

Dog welfare addressed

On June 7, a West Bay area resident agreed to turn his dog over to The Ark Animal Shelter following another complaint that the black-and tan-hound was roaming at large in the vicinity of Route 1 and West Bay Road. Responding to the call, Chief McNulty contacted the canine’s owner who consented to release the dog to The Ark for needed vet treatment, neutering and adoption. The hound has been the subject of repeated calls to police.

Well-being check

On Wednesday, Officer Scott was dispatched to check a West Bay Road resident’s well-being. Arriving at the residence, Scott confirmed the person was OK and just needed someone to talk to.


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