Gouldsboro Police Log: Driver dozes off, hits trees

GOULDSBORO — Amanda Jackson, 19, of Steuben, fell asleep at the wheel while driving on Route 1 Nov. 10, drove off the road and hit several trees, police said.

Police said Jackson’s 2001 Ford Mustang was totaled and was towed from the scene.

Jackson was not injured, police said.

OUI arrest

Jeffery Drew, 27, of Albany, N.H., was arrested Nov. 13 and charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of an intoxicant, police said.

Police said Drew was stopped on the Corea Road.

Route 1 accident

Laureano Vazquez, 85, of Portsmouth, R.I., swerved off the road and hit an embankment on Route 1 Nov. 4, police said.

Police said Vazquez told them he was trying to avoid an oil can in the road.

His 2009 Subaru was towed from the scene.

Deer collision

Amanda Caler, 25, of Milbridge struck a deer on Route 1 Nov. 13, police said.

Police said there was significant damage to the front end of Caler’s 2014 Ram 1500 truck.

No registration

Cameron Creighton, 26, of Bangor was stopped on Route 1 Nov. 4 and summoned on a charge of operating an unregistered motor vehicle for longer than 150 days, police said.

Operating after suspension

Brenda Davis of Gouldsboro was summoned on Route 1 Nov. 4 on a charge of operating a motor vehicle after suspension, police said.

Speeding summonses

Stephen Riddle, 36, of Ellsworth was summoned on a speeding charge Nov. 13 for allegedly driving 71 miles per hour in a 45-mph zone on the Pond Road, police said.

Joshua Colson, 33, of Sullivan, was summoned on a speeding charge Nov. 13 for allegedly driving 74 mph in a 55-mph zone on Route 1, police said.

Domestic disputes

Police responded to a verbal domestic disturbance Nov. 8 on the Pond Road.

Police said the man living in the house was asked to leave the house and not return for the evening.

Police responded to a domestic incident Nov. 9 on Cranberry Point Road in Corea.

Police said a man in the house had been drinking and was asked to leave.

Police said they drove the man to Franklin, where he was staying.

Another domestic incident Nov. 12 involved an argument between family members at a home on South Gouldsboro Road, police said.

Police said they told the relatives not to have any contact with each other until they could be civil.

Credit fraud

A local man told police Nov. 13 that someone used his credit card without his permission.

Police said the credit card company was looking into the matter.

Police assists

Police assisted the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Nov. 5 in trying to locate a person.

Police said they were unable to find the person.

Police on Nov. 11 assisted state police with a citizen dispute in Sorrento

Police assisted the Gouldsboro Fire Department Nov. 14 in responding to a fire in a wood pile and wood boiler.

False plates

Miguel Santiago, 20, of Machias was stopped on Route 1 Nov. 4 and was summoned on a charge of attaching false license plates, police said.

Erratic driving

Police issued a warning to an 18-year-old Steuben woman Nov. 3 who was reported to be driving erratically on Route 1.

Another warning was issued to a 37-year-old Gouldsboro woman Nov. 13 for tailgating, driving without lights on, making bad passes and speeding, police said.

Police Nov. 13 were unable to locate a vehicle reportedly driving on Route 1 without any headlights on, police said.

Police on Nov. 4 failed to locate a 2005 green GMC van that was said to be driving erratically on Route 1, police said.

On Nov. 8, police stopped teens riding up and down the Guzzle Road in an unsafe manner.

Police said they spoke to the teens’ parents.

Police received a complaint Nov. 8 about vehicles speeding on the Pound Road in the village of Birch Harbor.

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