Gouldsboro Police: Eastbrook man summoned on suspended license charge

GOULDSBORO — Brock Murphy, 30, of Eastbrook was stopped on Route 1 Sept. 23 because the license plate on the vehicle he was driving was falling off and a headlight was out, police said.

Police said they then discovered Murphy’s license was suspended, so Murphy was summoned on a charge of driving with a suspended license.

Police said the owner of the 1998 Chevy Tracker was allowed to drive the vehicle because he had an active license.

Checking theft

A local woman complained to police Sept. 14 that more than $5,000 in unauthorized purchases were made out of her checking account.

Unpaid fines

Andrew Sandstrom, 39, of Clifton was arrested at Young’s Market Sept. 27 on charges of failing to appear in court and two charges of unpaid fines, police said.

Police said Sandstrom was transported to Hancock County Jail.

Angry man

Police assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Sept. 13 in responding to reports of an intoxicated man breaking things at a home in Steuben.

Police said the man, who also was reported to be yelling, left before they arrived.

Too close

Nicole Sargent, 29, of Sullivan, was summoned Sept. 9 on a charge of following too closely after rear-ending a vehicle at the corner of Route 1 and the Clinic Road, police said.

Police said Sargent struck a car operated by Phyllis Morris of Sullivan. Morris was stopped at a stop sign, police said.

Police said there was minor damage to both cars and the two women suffered minor injuries.

Faulty brakes

Jean Symonds, 83, of Gouldsboro lost her brakes while approaching a corner near 231 Main St. in Prospect Harbor Sept. 7, left and then re-entered the roadway and wound up in a driveway, police said.

Police said Symonds suffered minor injuries and was taken by a friend to Maine Coast Memorial Hospital to be checked.

Bounced checks

Mc’s Marketplace reported Sept. 21 that two $200 checks and one $300 check were cashed at the store but the accounts contained insufficient funds, police said.

Officer assist

A Gouldsboro police officer Sept. 7 assisted with traffic on Gouldsboro Point Road while an 18-wheeler backed into a driveway.

Pigs on the loose

The Hancock County Regional Communications Center was alerted Sept. 7 that there were pigs in the road on Gouldsboro Point Road.

Police said the owner recovered the animals.

Pigs were reported loose on Gouldsboro Point Road Sept. 20, but were not immediately recovered, police said.

Vehicle breakdown

Police responded to a call about a Machias woman parked at the clinic in Gouldsboro Sept. 20 and whose vehicle was disabled.

Police said the woman found a ride and left her car there overnight.

Shots fired

Police received a report about gunshots fired Sept. 20 on South Gouldsboro Road.

Police said the person was target shooting in a safe place and direction so no action was taken.

Medical call

Police assisted the Gouldsboro Fire Department Sept. 21 with a medical call on Kelley Lane.

Dog at large

Police received a call Sept. 7 about a dog that was roaming.

Police said they found the boxer and returned it to its owner.

Broken windows

A resident reported damage Sept. 8 to two windows stored in the driveway of a home on West Bay Road, police said.

Police said they documented the damage.

Missing teen

A local resident told police Sept. 9 that his 16-year-old son was missing.

Police said the teenager was found later that afternoon.

Unattended death

Police assisted Maine State Police Sept. 12 with an unattended death in the village of Corea.

Wandering child

Police prepared Sept. 12 to help search for a 3-year-old child who wandered off into the woods in Sorrento.

Police said the child was found a short time later by family members.

Car in ditch

A woman failed to negotiate a turn on Route 1 Sept. 12 and ended up in a ditch, police said.

Police said there was no damage to the Chevy Cavalier, which had to be pulled off the embankment but was drivable.

Smoking truck

Police stopped a tractor-trailer truck Sept. 13 on Route 1 following reports that the truck was smoking and dragging its brakes.

Police and they and the driver inspected the truck but found nothing wrong, police said.

Sex offender

Police assisted the U.S. Marshal Service Sept. 14 in verifying the address of a registered sex offender on the Mill Road in the village of Corea.

Erratic driving

Police received a report Sept. 15 that a black car was being driven erratically on Route 1 and then turned into the driveway of a residence.

Police said they found the vehicle at the house but no one was home.

License hold

A person in Bristol asked police to follow up with a man in Gouldsboro who bought a car from him but that he believed was holding onto the seller’s license plates.

Dogs loose

Police were told Sept. 17 that there were two dogs wandering around a property.

Police said they checked the area but did not spot any dogs.

Suspicious activity

Police received a report of suspicious activity on Gouldsboro Point Road Sept. 17, but did not find anything out of the ordinary.

Civil complaint

A local resident spoke with a police officer Sept. 21 about a civil matter involving the sale of a Chevy Blazer.

Pond Road complaint

Police received a complaint Sept. 21 about a motor vehicle on the Pond Road, but could not locate the vehicle.

He said, she said

Police issued a harassment warning Sept. 22 to a local man and a Bar Harbor woman after both complained the other one was bothering them.

Hearing voices

A Gouldsboro man told police Sept. 24 that he could hear two people talking outside his house and then they walked off into the woods.

Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor police checked the area but found nothing awry, police said.

Traffic assist

An officer assisted with traffic Sept. 26 while a mobile home was moved on the West Bay Road.

Animal call

Police assisted an animal control officer Sept. 27 who was responding to a call about an animal welfare issue.

Keep the peace

Police stood by Sept. 27 while two residents of Pond Road discussed a civil issue.

Drug concerns

A Gouldsboro man called police Sept. 27 with concerns about his son and drug use.

Police said they went to the man’s home and directed him to services that might help.

Identity theft

A Gouldsboro man alerted police Sept. 29 that his identity had been stolen.

Suspicious behavior

Police received a call Sept. 30 about a man behaving suspiciously outside the Pickled Wrinkle in Birch Harbor.

Police said by the time they arrived the man was gone.

Phantom mower

An elderly woman complained to police Oct. 4 that someone was mowing her lawn without her permission.

Police said they went to the home to investigate and found the complaint to be unfounded.

Cow in road

The town office received a report about a cow in the road on Pond Road Sept. 8.

Police said the owner was notified and removed the animal.

Security checks

Police on Sept. 8 conducted security checks at Mc’s Marketplace in Birch Harbor and on Gouldsboro Point Road.

Police conducted a security check on Gouldsboro Point Road Sept. 16.

911 calls

Police received a 911 hang-up call Sept. 8 in the vicinity of 387 West Bay Road.

Police said they checked the area and everything looked OK.

A man called 911 from a dwelling on Route 1 on Sept. 9, inquiring about assault charges, police said.

Police said an investigation revealed no crime had taken place and no charges were filed.

A 911 hang-up call Sept. 10 originated on South Gouldsboro Road, but police checked the area and found nothing out of sorts.

An elderly man mistakenly dialed 911 Sept. 16 while trying to track a package he shipped, police said.

A 911 hang-up call Sept. 17 was tracked to Route 1 in Gouldsboro, but nothing was found awry.

A 911 call tracked to the Corea Lobster Co-op Sept. 20 did not reveal anything to be out of sorts.

Police responding to a 911 hang-up call Sept. 28 discovered it likely was placed by children playing with the telephone.

A 911 call Sept. 28 was a misdial, police said.

A 911 call from the Peninsula School Oct. 4 turned out to be an accidental dial by a staff member attempting to reach another extension, police said.

Selectmen packets

Police delivered information packets to selectmen Sept. 7, Sept. 20 and Sept. 21.

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