Gouldsboro Police: Alleged assault leads to arrest of Steuben man

GOULDSBORO — Police assisted the Washington County Sheriff’s Office Nov. 29 in arresting Chad Hanning, 18, of Steuben on West Bay Road.

Police said Hanning was arrested following an alleged assault in Steuben.

Hanning was turned over to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, police said.


Melissa Clark, 24, of Ellsworth, was charged with exceeding the speeding limit by 30 miles per hour or more and endangering the welfare of a child, police said.

Police said Clark was stopped on the Pond Road and was driving 78 mph in a 45-mph zone.

Kristen Crowley, 23, of Jonesport was summoned on a speeding charge Nov. 15 for allegedly driving 74 miles per hour in a 50-mph zone on Route 1, police said.

Bruce Rumney, 25, of Franklin was summoned on a speeding charge Nov. 23 following a traffic stop on the Pond Road, police said.

Blaine West, 24, of Steuben, was summoned Nov. 24 for allegedly driving 74 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone near the Pond Road on Route 1, police said.

Ethan Taylor, 25, of Gouldsboro was summoned on a speeding charge Nov. 30 following a traffic stop on South Gouldsboro Road, police said.

Disorderly conduct

Brent Fogg, 45, of Gouldsboro was arrested Nov. 21 on a charge of disorderly conduct, police said.

Police said they were called to 169 Guzzle Road on a complaint about an intoxicated person.

Outstanding warrant

Brian Cummings, 49, of Steuben, was arrested Dec. 1 on an outstanding warrant following a traffic stop on Route 1, police said.

Cummings also was charged with violating conditions of release and operating a motor vehicle after license suspension, police said.


Three Winter Harbor men were summoned on criminal trespass and criminal mischief charges for allegedly vandalizing property at the former Navy base in Corea.

Joseph Lamoureux, 20, Kyle Lamoureux, 20, and Dylan Whitten, 21, all of Winter Harbor, were summoned Oct. 10, police said.

Police said the vandalism occurred overnight Oct. 3 and was discovered Oct. 10.


Tyler Norton, 23, of Gouldsboro was issued a citation Nov. 24 for failure to register a motor vehicle, police said.

Police said Norton was stopped on Gouldsboro Point Road.

CO2 emission

Occupants of a home on Jonathan’s Landing were transported and treated for possible CO2 poisoning Nov. 23 at Maine Coast Memorial Hospital, police said.

Police said the Fire Department responded to the call received by police on the Chicken Mill Pond Road.

Pot stop

A motorist was stopped on Route 1 Nov. 15 and received a warning for a traffic offense and for possession of a usable amount of marijuana, police said.

Sex offender

Police assisted the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office Nov. 17 with a registered sex offender on Main Street in Birch Harbor.

Police said the person was not in compliance with sex offender registry requirements.

Bullet holes

A woman who lives on Chicken Mill Pond Road complained to police Nov. 15 that she found bullet holes in her house.

Police said the damage was documented and a report was forwarded to the Maine Warden Service.

Well-being check

A motorist called police Nov. 15 to complain that a woman hitchhiker was getting onto Route 1 in front of passing vehicles.

Police said they found the woman, who denied she was in the road. Police said she was then picked up by a passing motorist.

Assault report

A caller reported an incident of domestic violence Nov. 19 at a home on South Gouldsboro Road, police said.

Police said the person who made the complaint was uncooperative and unwilling to fill out a statement.

Sex offense

A resident of West Bay Road reported an alleged sex offense Nov. 28, police said.

Police said the incident was said to have occurred in Sullivan and the case was referred to an appropriate agency.

Trap overload

A resident of Gouldsboro Point Road complained to police Nov. 19 that someone was putting too many lobster traps on a trailer, police said.

Police said they tried to return the call from the worried citizen, but no one picked up the phone.

Verbal dispute

Police responded to reports of a citizen dispute Nov. 18 on Main Street.

Police said the incident involved a verbal argument and no assault took place.

Harassment complaint

A resident on Nov. 29 complained to police of being harassed by a man living in Massachusetts.

Police said they are investigating the matter.

Threat complaint

Police received a call Dec. 1 from a home on Walters Road about an alleged threatening incident.

Drone found

A local resident hunting in the woods discovered a drone in the woods, police said.

Police said drone and owner were reunited.

Building damage

A police officer observed damage to a building on Rice Road Nov. 15, but was unable to reach the property owner.

Car exhaust

A woman complained to the Hancock County Regional Communications Center that a white truck was spewing exhaust and smoke on Route 1 in Hancock headed east, police said.

Police said neither the Hancock County Sheriff’s deputies nor police were able to locate the truck.

No gunshots

On Nov. 15, a police officer heard what he thought were gunshots in the area of Prospect Harbor.

Police said that upon investigation they discovered the sounds were not gunshots.

Dog loose

Police received a report Nov. 17 about a dog loose on Route 1.

Police said they contacted the owner and took the dog home.

Car-deer accident

Police responded Nov. 19 to an accident at the intersection of Guzzle Road and Route 1 involving a deer and a car.

The Hancock County Regional Communications Center received a call Nov. 30 about a car colliding with a deer on East Schoodic Drive, police said.

Forgot keys

A Gouldsboro resident left her keys in Winter Harbor and was unable to start her car, police said.

Police said they retrieved the keys and brought them to her at the Gouldsboro town office.

False alarms

Police responded to a burglar alarm Nov. 15 at a home on Grand Marsh Bay Road in Corea.

Police said the homeowner arrived in the meantime and asked that the response be canceled.

Police responded to a burglar alarm Dec. 3 at 139 Paul Bunyan Road, but said they found no signs of illegal entry or vandalism.

911 calls

The Hancock County Regional Communications Center received a 911 misdial, but police could not reach the caller despite multiple efforts.

Police received a dropped 911 call Dec. 1 in the vicinity of Route 1.

Police said they tried to call back and patrolled the area but found nothing.

The Hancock County Regional Communications Center received a 911 hang-up call Dec. 2, police said.

Police said they checked the area near the origin of the call on 379 South Gouldsboro Road, but were not able to find anything awry.

Food deliveries

The police and fire departments delivered turkey baskets to 34 homes on Nov. 22, police said.

Selectmen’s packets

Police delivered packets of information to selectmen Nov. 16 and Nov. 30.

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