Todd Daley Sr. of Gouldsboro (left) and Gary Greenlaw of Gouldsboro Point were appointed, respectively, as fire chief and assistant fire chief at the Select Board’s June 23 meeting. ELLSWORTH AMERICAN PHOTO BY LETITIA BALDWIN

Gouldsboro harbormaster position to be advertised

GOULDSBORO — The town boasts 55 miles of coastline punctuated by six working harbors. Managing numerous registered moorings to facilitate boat traffic and maintaining public docks, wharves and boat launch ramps are among the many responsibilities of the harbormaster’s job to be  advertised in coming weeks.

At the Select Board’s June 23 meeting, Chairman Dana Rice recommended that the town advertise and launch a search for a new harbormaster. Rice, who already announced his intent to step down from that position in late March, has fulfilled that job in an unpaid capacity for more than 40 years. He is advancing the process in order to find a well-qualified professional to succeed him. The board voted 5-0 to advertise the paid job in coming weeks.

In addition, with Rice abstaining, the Select Board voted 4-0 to re-elect Rice as Select Board chairman. Robert Harmon was appointed as the board’s vice chairman. Newly elected Selectman Peter McKenzie was sworn in to serve a three-year term while the Select Board appointed Deirdre McArdle of South Gouldsboro and Jed West of Prospect Harbor as alternates on the Planning Board. Planning Board Chairman Ray Jones was re-elected at last week’s Planning Board meeting.

Todd Daley Sr. of Gouldsboro and Gary Greenlaw also were appointed as the new Gouldsboro fire chief and assistant fire chief, respectively. Originally from Winter Harbor, Daley became a volunteer fireman at the age of 13. A professional firefighter, Daley works in that capacity as well as maintenance at the Hancock County-Bar Harbor Airport. A Gouldsboro Point resident, Greenlaw has served for a decade as a volunteer fireman for Gouldsboro and Winter Harbor. He has attended the Hancock County Fire Academy and numerous training sessions. He works as a lobster fisherman and in boat building.

While COVID-19 persists, Maine is among the U.S. states with the lowest official rates of infection. Prompted by the pandemic, the continued use of the online platform Zoom was discussed by the Select Board Thursday night. With the number of COVID cases four times higher than the same time in 2021, some local residents are opting to stay at home and attend Select Board meetings remotely. In light of that, the board opted not only continue using Zoom, but to upgrade the service.

“Let’s get a real Zoom instead of the Mickey Mouse Zoom that no one can hear,” Rice declared.

Present at the meeting, seasonal Gouldsboro resident and Solid Waste Committee member Jerry Korn regularly attends the Planning Board and Select Board meetings remotely from his winter home in New York.

“We count on Zoom. We dial in a lot. I don’t know how I could hassle the Planning Board without Zoom,” he quipped.

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