Gouldsboro building permits

17 issued from May 25, 2021 to July, 16, 2021


05/25/21 John Schneider, Kingsley Farm Road, porch

05/26/21 Michael Fitts, South Gouldsboro Road, shed and three-bay garage

05/26/21 Rick Hawkins, Paul Bunyan Road, deck and stairs

05/26/21 Lily Strater, Taft Point Road, stairs to shore

06/02/21 Thomas Heskett, Myrick Road, new double-wide, septic, well

06/14/21 Alan Rosenfeld, Pond Road, new home

06/17.21 Maureen Schaueate, South Gouldsboro Road, gazebo

06/17/21 James Grubb, Gouldsboro Point Road, deck

06/17/21 John Schneider, Kingsley Farm Road, shoreline gravel work

06/17/21 Mark O’Neil, 102 Kinsley Farm Road (adjacent lot), shed

06/22/21 Kevin Griffin, Island View Drive, house, well septic

06/24/21 Thomas Lloyd, West Bay Road, addition/living space

06/25/21 Alan Raibick, Whitetail Lane, stairs to shore

06/29/21 Herb Rice, Pond Road, garage

07/16/21 Greg Ward, Lighthouse Point Road, deck

07/16/21 Steven Cohen, Whitetail Lane, shed

07/16/21 William Ivan, Deane Point Road, shed

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