Fishermen rescued after ocean plunge

BAR HARBOR – Two fishermen were wet and cold but otherwise unharmed after their skiff capsized Tuesday evening in the frigid ocean water off the town pier.

Bar Harbor fire chief Matt Bartlett said his department received a report shortly after 6 p.m. that two men were in the water. Firefighters and ambulance personnel arrived at the scene to find one of the men climbing up a ladder from the water to the pier. The second man, apparently weakened by his swim through the cold water, didn’t have the strength to make the climb, the chief said.

The men were not wearing life jackets, officials said.

Firefighter Tommy Chisholm then went down the ladder with a rope, which the man used to aid his ascent.

Chief Bartlett did not know the names of the men. He said he believes they had been out fishing for shrimp and just put their boat on a mooring. While rowing to shore, their skiff capsized about 100 yards from the pier.

Once out of the water, the men were warmed inside the ambulance and assessed by medical personnel. They declined hospital treatment, the chief said.

The fire chief praised members of the department for their work in preventing what could have been a more serious accident.

“The guys did a great job,” he said. “They got down there quick.”

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Mark Good

Mark Good

Reporter at Mount Desert Islander