Fireworks are Illegal

BAR HARBOR — Just three days after a new state law allowing the sale and use of fireworks came into effect, the incendiary devices have been banned wholesale here.

Councilors approved the local law on Tuesday by a vote of 6-1, with Christopher Walsh logging the single protest vote. Just two people spoke at a public hearing on the subject, one for and one against the proposal.

Resident Mark Kandutsch said that the law would take away yet another chance for people to have fun.

“It seems to me … that there’s an awful lot of restrictive ordinances in this town … and to restrict fireworks just seems very unfortunate to me,” he said.

Donna Karlson supported the ordinance, telling councilors that the noise from fireworks would bother a lot of people and could be harmful to those suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome, autism and sensory integration disorders.

Councilors did not discuss the ordinance, having debated its merits at length last fall.

All on the council were in favor of the proposal except for Mr. Walsh, who stated earlier that he was a big fan of fireworks and would prefer to have them legal here.

Others cited noise, fire danger and safety as the reasons for their stance.

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Robert Levin

Robert Levin

Former reporter Robert Levin covered the people, businesses, governmental and nonprofit agencies of Bar Harbor. [email protected]