F. James Whalen, Democrat

The challenge for the state senator for District 29 is to immediately craft, propose and submit legislation to keep the value and wealth of harvested products here in Downeast instead of having dollars leave the region before the full value of the product has been extracted or processed.

With lobsters, process the lobsters locally instead of sending them to Prince Edward Island.

With pulp wood and timber, make paper at the Baileyville Mill instead of sending half-made “craft” paper overseas to be made into the final product.

Reopen the stud mill and the wafer board mill. We are sending dollars and jobs out of Downeast/Washington County.

In other legislation, create an industrial corridor on the Airline taking advantage of that highway, and the Canadian natural gas and electricity lines running parallel to the Airline. This legislation will create a commercial airport in Machias/Wesley as well as making Route 9 a toll road for Canadian traffic.

I have been a physician and surgeon for more than 30 years in Machias. I will propose legislation controlling the costs of health care: penalize hospitals for premature balance billing and for changing patient payment plans unilaterally; make lab tests, X-rays and common procedures the same price throughout the state; cap salaries on hospital administrators and on hospital-employed physicians.

To have an impact in Augusta, this legislation has to be well-written and submitted very early in the next session so it is an immediate talking point.

Age: 69

Residence: Machias

Occupation: Orthopedic surgeon

Education: Rutgers University, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry

Previous elective offices: none.


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