Exploding Propane Tank Destroys Shed

ELLSWORTH — A small propane tank exploded inside a shed at a vacant South Street house Friday night, Ellsworth Fire Chief Jon Marshall reported.

The two-gallon tank had enough propane inside it to accelerate the fire, which destroyed the shed, Marshall said.


“The walls were pretty near all gone,” Marshall said. “It spread to the brush and undergrowth right handy there and scorched the back side of the house.”

The explosion was loud enough it was heard across the river and up the State Street hill at the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s Lt. Tim Cote was one of the first people on the scene, Marshall said.

No one was found at the scene, but there was someone involved somehow, the fire chief said.

“Whether it was accidental or not, we don’t know,” Marshall said.

There was no electrical power to the property, he said.

“There was a human element involved somehow,” Marshall said.

The Fire Department spent about 10 minutes getting the fire under control, Marshall said.

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