Get up close and personal with nesting osprey via a live stream feed of a Lamoine nest. PHOTO COURTESY VERSANT POWER

Versant Power’s osprey camera goes live

LAMOINE — The ospreys that have called a utility pole along the S-curves on the Mud Creek Road home for several years are back, this time in a safer nest.

The longtime nest was destroyed by a fire last year, so Versant Power crews designed and built an alternate nesting platform near the pole where the ospreys originally built their nest.

A live camera feed is now accessible for public viewing at The osprey camera is powered entirely by solar energy and is situated on a newly built osprey platform that overlooks the Mount Desert Narrows.

Around coastal areas like Lamoine, ospreys tend to build nests at the top of utility poles, which presents a danger to the birds while raising the risk of disruptions to electric service. After the 2020 incident with an osprey nest built on a utility pole in Lamoine, Versant Power crews wanted to prevent a future safety risk to the birds as well as the public.  

The platform was built with ospreys’ preferences in mind. Versant’s environmental team assisted with the design as well as using the expertise of outside environmental groups, including the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Because ospreys like to be at the tallest point above the water, Versant crews replaced an existing utility pole with a taller one. Crews installed a square platform with no coverings, as the birds prefer to look down and hunt for fish below without any obstructions overhead.

“We are happy to see ospreys have returned to this location and are using the platform our crews created just for them, rather than building nests on distribution infrastructure,” said Versant Power President John Flynn. “We know the osprey camera will provide Mainers of all ages an opportunity to view and learn about ospreys in real time and are optimistic that our communities will enjoy it for years to come.”

Check out the livestream at

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