• Maine ditches Styrofoam

    Maine ditches Styrofoam

    ELLSWORTH — Maine became the first state to ban Styrofoam food and beverage containers last month, but, at least in Ellsworth, many restaurants and coffee shops have already transitioned away from them. “Really the only Styrofoam we use is our cups and that’s a corporate thing,” said Sonny Whittaker, deli manager at Freshies. Dunkin’ (formerly

  • Blue Hill Heritage Trust acquires block of forestland

    BLUE HILL — Blue Hill Heritage Trust celebrated the purchase of another large block of forestland with its acquisition of Meadowbrook Forest on April 26. The 2,031-acre Meadowbrook Forest property, which straddles the line between Surry and Ellsworth, is the second largest parcel of land on the Blue Hill Peninsula. The trust’s Surry Forest is

  • Fiberight opening “any day”

    Fiberight opening “any day”

    ELLSWORTH — It may be a year behind schedule, but recycling at the Fiberight facility in Hampden could happen “any day,” a company spokeswoman said Monday. “I’m literally waiting on a phone call,” said Shelby Wright, who is Fiberight’s director of community services. “It could be tomorrow, it could be today. Most likely it’s looking

  • Graham Lake water level plan amended

    Graham Lake water level plan amended

    ELLSWORTH — In December 2015 Black Bear Hydro Partners LLC filed an application with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to renew its license to operate its hydroelectric station at the Union River dam in Ellsworth. Since then, the company argued it could not change the way it managed fluctuations in the level of the

  • Solar farm in Township 16 approved

    ELLSWORTH — A proposal for a large solar power project in Hancock County was approved last week by Maine state utilities officials. The proposal, by Three Rivers Solar Power, LLC, a subsidiary of Boston-based company Swift Current, is free to move forward with further development after a Feb. 26 approval from the Maine Public Utilities

  • Talk to focus on microplastics

    LAMOINE — The Lamoine Conservation Commission is hosting a talk titled “Microplastics in the Gulf of Maine” at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13, at the Lamoine Consolidated School. Madelyn Woods, coordinator of marine research at the Shaw Institute’s Blue Hill Research Center, will be the guest speaker. Woods will talk about the hazards of

  • Opinions flow at water ordinance hearing

    Opinions flow at water ordinance hearing

    ELLSWORTH — Nearly two dozen advocates and opponents — environmentalists, attorneys and unorganized territories camp owners among them — argued Feb. 7 over a proposed ordinance to protect water by prohibiting construction of an East-West highway in the unorganized territories. The venue was a special meeting of the Hancock County Commission. An East-West highway (one